Our ministry continues, please see the bulletin for further information.  Thank you.

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The Season of Pentecost        September 19, 2021

All The People                                 Ministers

Rev. Rachel Campbell M.Div.,M.A.             Coordinating Minister

Rev. Cathy Pharo              Minister of Visitation

Rev. David H. Hamilton                                                                                                          “Minister Emeritus”

Louise Elder                                                                                                                                Director of Music

Wendy Murray-Church Office    902- 436-3155  admin@trinitysummerside.ca

Website                                     www.trinitysummerside.ca

“Trinity United Church is an inclusive and welcoming community that nurtures love of God, respects creation, seeks justice and serves others.”

We acknowledge that the land upon which we gather is unceded Mi’kmaq territory. Epekwitk (Prince Edward Island) is covered by the historic Treaties of Peace and Friendship. We pay our respects to the Indigenous Mi’kmaq People who have occupied this Island for over 12,000 years; past, present and future.

MUSICAL PRELUDE: Andante Cantible”  Violin Concerto by Felix Mendelssohn



INTROIT: Psalm 113 page 835 VU  “Praise to the Lord”

Praise to the Lord, all of you, God’s servants.

Blessed be the name of our God now and ever.

From the rising up of the sun, may the Lord be praised,

Praise to the name of the Lord.        

CALL TO WORSHIP: Written by Rev. Rachel Campbell

One:  Rest in the knowledge that God journeys with us all.

ALL:  Celebrate and praise our loving Creator

One:  Rest in the knowledge that God loves us all.

ALL:  Celebrate and praise our loving Creator

One:  Rest and celebrate for God is good.  Amen.

HYMN: #444VU “Child of Blessing, Child of Promise”

Words:  Ronald S. Cole-Turner 1980

Music:  attrib. Christian F. Witt, Psalmodica Sacra 1715

Tune:  STUTTGART – Public Domain

Words copyright © 1981 Ronal S. Cole-Turner.  All rights reserved. Reprinted, podcast and streamed with permission under OneLicense #A-727839.  All rights reserved.

Child of blessing, child of promise

Baptized with the Spirit’s sign

With this water God has sealed you

Unto love and grace divine.


Child of love, our love’s expression

Love’s creation, loved indeed

Fresh from God, refresh our spirits

Into joy and laughter lead.


Child of joy, our dearest treasure

God’s you are, from God you came

Back to God we humbly give you

Live as one who bears Christ’s name.


Child of God your loving Parent

Learn to know whose child you are

Grow to laugh and sing and worship

Trusting in God’s love and care.

GATHERING PRAYER:  Written by Rev. Rachel Campbell

Grace filled God, we celebrate your amazing love for creation.  Today as we open ourselves to your message remind us to pause, discern, and respond with love.  That is our call.  That is our commissioning.  In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.

THE LORD’S PRAYER: spoken together 


A TIME FOR ALL AGES:  Rev. Rachel Campbell

SCRIPTURE: Mark 9:30–37 NRSV   Read by Hannah Collicutt

HYMN:  #133MV “Jesus Laughed Out Loud”

Words and music:  Daniel Charles Damon, 1994 Words and music copyright © 2002 ABINGDON PRESS.  All rights reserved.

Reprinted, podcast and streamed with permission under OneLicense #A-727839.  All rights reserved.


Jesus laughed out loud to see the children play

His joyful presence drew a crowd we could not send away.

Jesus healed a child by asking her to rise

And doubtful people wept and smiled to see her open eyes.


Jesus felt the need; we made the crowd sit down

A boy had faith and all were fed, though we were far from town.

Jesus climbed a hill to pray and rest alone

We wondered why we felt the chill of wind and wood and stone.

Jesus called my name when he was passing by

My life will never be the same; this love will never die.

SERMON: “Please Line Up”   Rev. Rachel Campbell  


HYMN: #560VU “O Master, Let Me Walk with Thee”   

O Master, Let Me Walk with Thee VU 560

Words:  Washington Gladden, 1879

Music:  Henry Percy Smith 1874


Public Domain



O Master, let me walk with thee

In lowly paths of service free;

Teach me thy secret, help me bear

The strain of toil, the fret of care.


Help me the slow of heart to move

With some clear, winning word of love;

Teach me the wayward feet to stay,

And guide them in the homeward way.


Teach me thy patience; still with thee

In closer, dearer company,

In work that keeps faith sure and strong,

In trust that triumphs over wrong,


In hope that sends a shining ray

Far down the future’s broadening way,

In peace that only thou canst give,

With thee, O Master, let me live.


OFFERTORY PRAYER: Gracious God, the offering that we bring is shown in a variety of ways.  We lift up and celebrate all offerings.  Through each of them the ministry of your church continues out into your world.  For that we rejoice.  For that we say Hallelujah.  All glory is God’s.  Amen.

OFFERTORY HYMN: “As We Journey Together”

Words and music: Christopher Bowman and Valerie Peyton Kingsbury

Copyright 2015 Tidal Bore Music (www.tidalboremusic.ca). All rights reserved.

Reprinted, podcast and streamed with permission under Tidal Bore Music. All rights reserved.

As we journey together on the path of faith,

may our hearts be attentive to Christ’s plan.

And may we be responsive to our broken world,

off’ring freely the talents that we can.

May all we bring be blessed and shared

with those who need a helping hand.

May all we bring be blessed and shared

creating justice through the land.

CALL TO PRAYER: #381VU “Spirit of Life”

Spirit of Life, come unto me

Sing in my heart all the stirrings of compassion

Blow in the wind

Rise in the sea

Move in the hand, giving life the shape of justice.

Roots hold me close

Wings set me free

Spirit of Life, come to me, come to me.

Words and music: Carolyn McDade 1981

Words and music copyright © 1981 Carolyn McDade.  All rights reserved. Reprinted and streamed under permission of OneLicense #A- 727839. All rights reserved.

PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE: Rev. Rachel Campbell 

HYMN: “Jesus Loves Me”   

Anna Bartlett Warner c.1822-1915  Rewritten by David Rutherford MCGuire 1929-1971

Words by permission of Mrs. Cherie McGuire


POSTLUDE HYMN: #974VU “Amen! Amen! Hallelujah, amen!”

MUSICAL POSTLUDE: Kingsfold” Ralph Vaughn Williams

Welcome back to Rev. Rachel and Guest Choir Director Jennifer MacDonald for leading us in this morning’s worship service and to The Trinity Choir for their gift of music. Thank you to everyone who participated and a special welcome to all watching and listening.

Effective Friday, September 17, 2021 per CPHO, masks are required in all indoor spaces. This includes places of worship. Thank you

Registration for Sunday Service is at the door. There is no preregistration.

Permission to podcast/stream/reprint the music and or lyrics in this service obtained from

ONE LICENSE with license A-727839 and or CCLI license 2229601


FIRE DRILL: On Sunday, October 17th directly after worship has concluded we will be doing a fire safety drill led by the Property Team of Trinity.  More information and direction will be shared in the coming weeks.  The process will be explained step by step.  Thank you for your participation.  Blessings.

JUNIOR CHURCH IS BACK: You’re invited to Jr. Church at Trinity!  Join us for worship through songs, Bible teachings, crafts, and other fun activities!       Date: Weekly, beginning Sunday October 3, 2021

Time: 10:30 a.m. (approx. 45 minutes, until the Worship Service concludes)

How to register: Call the church office 902-436-3155 or register at the door (Pre-registration is highly recommended since space is limited)

Who can attend: School-aged children are welcome


BUSINESS OFFICE HOURS:  Office Administrator, Wendy Murray works from her home office Monday through Friday from 8:30am-3:30pm.   Wendy is in the church with open to the public hours on Tuesday and Thursdays from 11am-1pm.  Feel free to drop by during these times.



September 19th, Rev. Rachel will be back behind the pulpit.  We will try a “low tech” version of Livestream (using borrowed equipment… thanks Troy).  This will give us an idea of how Livestream will be utilized (practice run) as we move forward in ordering equipment to update our system���.  This is all very exciting, and we are thankful to the Trinity United Church Summerside Council and Trustees for recognizing and lifting up the important outreach ministry that Virtual Trinity UCC Summerside has become.


A BIG THANK YOU: Thank you to Dylan Corbett, Sakura MacLean, and Hannah Collicutt for their work in preparing 4 in person worship services and learning from Louise and I how to put worship services together.  Their work was outstanding and now the Worship Team had four ready to go services to at their discretion.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: Are you interested in offering your time and talents for upcoming livestream or screens during the services at Trinity?  We are currently putting together a team of volunteers and willing to train.  Contact our church office at 902-436-3155.  We will be in touch mid September with more details.  Thank you and blessings.


BECOME A HOSPICE VOLUNTEER IN EAST PRINCE COUNTY. Training includes 3 core sessions held at Prince County Hospital: Thursday 30th September 10-3, Monday 4th October 10-3, Thursday 14th October 10-3 plus guest presenter slots to give a broader understanding of the different roles and perspectives in Hospice and Palliative Care on Tuesday October 5th 2-4pm and Thursday October 7th 2-4pm. Please call Liz Parsons for more information: 902-438-4231 or email eastprince@hospicepei.ca

Schedule For the Week  Sept 19-26, 2021

Sunday          10:30am Trinity Live Stream

10:30am In Person Worship

7:00pm The Abbey meets in the Sanctuary

Tuesday        11:00am Office open to the public until 1pm

1:30pm Parkhill Service

4:00pm Faith in Action meet via zoom

Wednesday     8:00am Men’s Breakfast at The Breakfast Spot

8:30am Ladies Breakfast group meet at The Breakfast Spot

Thursday      11:00am Office open to the public until 1pm

6:30pm Communications team meet via zoom

Saturday         9:30am Trinity Art Group (TAG) meet in the auditorium

Sunday          10:30am    Trinity Live Stream

10:30am In Person Worship

2:00pm PEI Police and Peace Officers Memorial Service

7:00pm The Abbey Services meet in the Sanctuary


Oct 02 Autumn Spiritual Retreat in the Sanctuary at 11am

Oct 03 Junior Church program resumes in the auditorium at 10:30am

Oct 05 Zooming the Lectionary with Rev. Rachel at 10:30am

Oct 05 Andrews Lodge service at 1:30pm

Oct 05 CL&G team meet in the Boardroom at 6:30pm

Oct 07 Trinity Café resumes in the Sanctuary at 9:30am


HOSPITAL VISITS:  Should you or a family member be in hospital, please indicate you are associated with Trinity United Church Summerside, so our minister will be sure to be informed when they visit the hospital.


To contact Rev. Rachel Campbell call 902-436-3155 and leave a message during business hours and for after hours’ emergencies call 902-439-1881. You may also email: rachel@trinitysummerside.ca Rev. Rachel’s Days Off are Monday and Friday. Thank you for your consideration of this.

To reach Wendy or the business office call 902-436-3155 and leave a message. The messages are being monitored hourly, Monday to Friday 8:30 am-3:30 pm. You may also email: admin@trinitysummerside.ca   Wendy works from the church on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11am-1pm.  Feel free to drop by.

To contact Louise, please email: music@trinitysummerside.ca

FOOD BOX NEEDS:  Trinity is operating the food box donation program.  The following items are suggested for inclusion in a food box. Please consider these items when you are doing your weekly shopping:

  • small jars of fruit jam and peanut butter or cheese spread
  • box of pancake mix and bottle of syrup
  • pasta/tomato sauce
  • Kraft dinner
  • macaroni/spaghetti
  • Noodles
  • canned fruit and canned vegetable
  • canned meat and canned fish (very popular)
  • bottle of instant coffee (very popular)
  • tea bags
  • sugar packets
  • packets of hot chocolate
  • canned milk or skim milk powder (very popular)
  • juice, bottles, or tetra packs
  • soups, any kind
  • boxes of cracker
  • snack foods; granola bars, pudding cups, cheese/crackers, cereal bars
  • personal hygiene items i.e., toothpaste, soap, Kleenex, toilet paper
  • packets of hot chocolate
  • canned milk or skim milk powder (very popular)
  • juice, bottles or tetra packs
  • soups, any kind
  • boxes of cracker
  • snack foods; granola bars, pudding cups, cheese/crackers, cereal bars
  • personal hygiene items i.e., toothpaste, soap, Kleenex, toilet paper

At Trinity we understand this is a difficult time for many of our members and families. We encourage you to reach out if you need assistance in any way. If you would like to continue your financial support for Trinity at this time, please see the options detailed below or refer to the Givings Chart posted on the website and Facebook.  Thank you

Option 1 PAR- Pre-Authorized Remittance

This is administered through the United Church of Canada. A donation is withdrawn from your chequing account on the 19th of each month.  A PAR Authorization Form can be found on-line at The United Church of Canada website (https://www.united-church.ca/) by clinking in the search button and typing PAR.  Or contact Wendy (Trinity Office Admin.) at admin@trinitysummerside.ca  or call 902-436-3155 to have the form emailed to you.  A VOID cheque is needed to implement PAR and can be mailed to the church with the completed PAR Authorization Form.  PAR can be started and stopped at your convenience.

Option 2 – Post Dated Cheques

You can mail posted dated cheques to Trinity United Summerside.  The mail is picked up daily and deposits will be done weekly.  Our mailing address is:

Trinity United Summerside

90 Spring Street

Summerside, PEI, C1N 3E4.

Please be sure to include your contribution envelope #, if you know it.

Please do not send cash in the mail

Option 3 – On Our Website  Trinity Summerside.ca

You can give directly to Trinity United Church through the website:

https://trinitysummerside.ca/    Just scroll down the home page until you see the Donate Now tab.  Click the tab and it will take you to the screen where you can choose Trinity as your charity.  There are options to donate once or monthly.

Option 4 – E Transfer

You can e-transfer your offering by using the following email: donate@trinitysummerside.ca

NOTE:  Please indicate in the comments section of the transfer your name, the envelope number (if you know it), and the designation of the givings (i.e., general fund, M&S, local). E-transfers will be auto-deposited, no need for passwords.

Should you have questions or need assistance with any method of payment please reach out by phone 902-436-3155 or email admin@trinitysummerside.ca

New Cash Option – please call the Office at 902-436-3155 for more details and to make arrangements.”

Option 5 –  Cash  

Please contact the office at 902-436-3155 for more details and to make arrangements.