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TRINITY UNITED CHURCH                                                                                               SUMMERSIDE, PEI

6th after Pentecost                                                                                                                                 July 17, 2022

All The People                                                                                                                                               Ministers

Rev. Rachel Campbell M.Div.,M.A.                                                                                                                 Clergy       

Rev. Bob Lockhart B.A., B.D., M.A.(Ed). Th.M.                                                                     Minister of Visitation

Rev. David H. Hamilton                                                                                                           “Minister Emeritus”                                                       

Louise Elder                                                                                                                                 Director of Music                                                                                                                     

Church Office; Wendy Murray                                                                                                         902- 436-3155

Church Email                                                                                                            admin@trinitysummerside.ca

Website                                                                                                                           www.trinitysummerside.ca                                                                             


We acknowledge that the land upon which we gather is unceded Mi’kmaq territory. Epekwitk (Prince Edward Island) is covered by the historic Treaties of Peace and Friendship. We pay our respects to the Indigenous Mi’kmaq People who have occupied this Island for over 12,000 years; past, present and future.  

                                                             * denotes standing

Travelling To Church, A Gathering* Worship Resource Service  June 2022





The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all.

Response: And also with you.


*INTROIT: #14 MV “Where Two or Three Are Gathered”  

Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there, I am there.


One: How did you travel to church today?
(Everyone call out or think about the way you travelled to church.)
Why did you come to church today?

All: We came to show our love for God, with all our heart and all our soul,
with all our strength and all our mind. We came to be inspired in loving our neighbours and loving ourselves.

One: Come, lovers of God, let us worship in hope and in joy.

*HYMN: #222 VU “Come, Let Us Sing”

1 Come, let us sing to the Lord our song,
we have stood silently too long;
surely the Lord deserves our praise,
so joyfully thank God for our days.

2 O thirsty soul, come drink at the well;
God’s living waters will never fail.
Surely the Lord will help you to stand,
strengthened and comforted by God’s hand.

3 You dwell among us and cause us to pray,
and walk with each other following your way;
our precious brothers and sisters will grow
in the fulfilling love they know.

4 Deserts shall bloom and mountains shall sing
to the desire of all living things.
Come, all you creatures, high and low,
let your praises endlessly flow.


God of the journey, we have walked, rolled, motored, hopped, wheeled, bussed, and transited to this place, just to be here with you and with each other. God of all our pathways, our weekly journey has taken us many places, and as we’ve travelled, we’ve faced both joys and sorrows, celebrations and devastation, success and failure. We bring all of this with us this morning, offering each treasure and burden of our life into your care. Bless us as we rest from our journey for just a little bit this morning, finding refreshment and renewal in being here with you, with Jesus, and with each other. Amen.

THE LORD’S PRAYER: to be sung, Linnea Good Version


MINISTRY OF MUSIC:  Parker Murray with Kendall Perry and Declan Rockwell


SCRIPTURE: Luke 10:25–37 Read by Steve Mollins

“The travellers on the road to Jericho”

One: Herein is Wisdom.

All: Thanks be to God.

*HYMN: #89 MV “Love Is The Touch”

Love is the touch of intangible joy,
Love is the force that no fear can destroy;
Love is the goodness we gladly applaud;
God is where love is, for love is of God.

Love is the lilt in a lingering voice;
Love is the hope that can make us rejoice;
Love is the cure for the frightened and flawed;
God is where love is, for love is of God.

Love is the light in the tunnel of pain;
Love is the will to be whole once again;
Love is the trust of a friend on the road;
God is where love is, for love is of God.

Love is the Maker and Spirit and Son;
Love is the kingdom their will has begun;
Love is the path which the saints all have trod;
God is where love is, for love is of God.


SERMON: “Travelling To Church?” Nancy Small  


MINISTRY OF MUSIC:  Parker Murray with Kendall Perry and Declan Rockwell


*OFFERTORY HYMN: #544 VU “In Gratitude and Humble Trust” 

CALL TO PRAYER#85 MV  “Take, O Take Me as I Am”


*HYMN: #639 VU “One, More Step Along the World I Go” vs 1-4

One more step along the world I go
One more step along the world I go
From the old things to the new
Keep me travelling along with you
And it’s from the old I travel to the new
Keep me travelling along with you.

Round the corner of the world I turn
More and more about the world I learn
All the new things that I see
You’ll be looking at along with me
And it’s from the old I travel to the new
Keep me travelling along with you.

As I travel through the bad and good
Keep me travelling the way I should
Where I see no way to go
You’ll be telling me the way, I know.
And it’s from the old I travel to the new
Keep me travelling along with you.

Give me courage when the world is rough
Keep me loving though the world is tough
Leap and sing in all I do
Keep me travelling along with you
And it’s from the old I travel to the new
Keep me travelling along with you.


*POSTLUDE HYMN: #639 VU “One, More Step Along the World I Go” vs 5

You are older than the world can be

You are younger than the life in me
Ever old and every new
Keep me travelling along with you
And it’s from the old I travel to the new
Keep me travelling along with you.



Welcome and thank you to all present and participating and to those watching and listening. Thank you to the Worship team and our musical Guests, Parker Murray, Kendall Perry and Declan Rockwell for leading us in worship this morning.

*Gathering and GatheringWorship.ca are publications of The United Church of Canada. Thanks to David Robertson and Susan Lukey, High River U.C., High River, Alta., for this service and background material. Adapted for Trinity UC Summerside by Nancy Small and Louise Elder.

Sunday’s service is available on YouTube. The YouTube link for the Worship Service will be up on the Trinity webpage at 10:30 a.m. Sunday.

The Trinity website is trinitysummerside.ca

Rev. Rachel Campbell will be on holidays for the month of July. 

Covering Pastoral Emergencies during this time is: The Rev. Bob Lockhart (Minister of Visitation) 902-856-2668.    

SUNDAY July 10, 2022

Attendance:       Congregation      48 (including choir, congregation, and volunteers)

Contributions:   Envelopes 10      $   500.00

Loose Givings    $     30.00

92 PAR Givers   $ 8,313.00 monthly


The Sunday Worship Schedule for July is as follows:

July 24:  The Rev. Bob Lockhart

July 31:   Catherine Ann Dickson

August Sermon Series: In August, Rev. Rachel will be offering a sermon series during Sunday Worship on four women of the Bible, two from the Old Testament and two from the New Testament.  Come join us each Sunday in August as we examine the scripture from their perspective.  We will also welcome youth readers each week to share with us the scriptures during this sermon series event.  You don’t want to miss it 😊.

Schedule For The Week July 17-24

Sunday          10:30am       In person worship service/live stream lead by Worship Team

Tuesday          1:30pm       Parkhill Place Service with Rev. Bob

Wednesday    8:00am       Men’s Breakfast meet at Star Café

8:15am       Ladies of the Church & Friends meet at Star Café

1:00pm       Novice Driving Classroom session in the Auditorium

Friday              4:15pm       Wedding Rehearsal in the Sanctuary

Saturday         8:30am       Feed My Sheep Breakfast in the Auditorium

2:00pm       Wedding Rental in the Sanctuary

Sunday          10:30am       In person worship; Pride Week Church Service



Rev. Rachel Campbell will be on holidays for the month of July.  Covering Pastoral Emergencies during this time is:

July 5 to July 31 – The Rev. Bob Lockhart (Minister of Visitation) 902-856-2668.

To contact Rev. Bob Lockhart, Minister of Visitation, call 902-436-3155 and leave a message during business hours or email visit@trinitysummerside.ca

To reach Wendy Murray, Office Administrator or the business office call 902-436-3155 or email admin@trinitysummerside.ca

To contact our Music Director, Louise Elder, please email: music@trinitysummerside.ca

PASTORAL CARE HOME VISITS UPDATE:  If you would like a home visit please contact the church office at 902-436-3155.  Note that Clergy will remain masked throughout the visit and follow hand sanitizing protocols.  We ask you not to book a home visit if you are unwell.

HOSPITAL VISITATION: Due to ongoing Covid Restrictions at PEI Hospital facilities clergy are only allowed to visit the hospital if called in by hospital staff, a family member on behalf of a patient, or the patient themselves.  Clergy can only visit that one patient at this time following the hospital protocols.  Once regular weekly clergy visitation is reinstated we will let the congregation at Trinity know.  Rev. Rachel’s emergency line is 902-439-1881.

SUMMER OFFICE HOURS:  For the months of July and August, the business office will be open Tuesday-Thursday from 8:00am-3:00pm.


TRINITY WEBSITE:  Be sure to take a look at the Trinity Website and check out the new tab “Children and Youth”. Here you will find all the most recent updates regarding the happenings of your children and youth in the congregation, check it out!

CALL FOR REFUNDABLE RECYCLING:  Did you know that you can donate your refundable bottles and cans to support Trinity?  Drop off at the Don’s Bottle exchange and be sure to tell them the money goes to Trinity.  We will receive the refund and the money will be in support of the Trinity Food Box Program.  This is an initiative of the Christian Life and Growth Team. Thank you!




FOOD BOXES: The demand for food boxes has grown and will continue to grow.  Please consider including a few items when you are doing your weekly shopping. Items can be left at the entrances of the church on any Sunday morning or dropped off at the business office Tuesday-Thursday from 8am-3pm.

  • small jars of fruit jam and peanut butter or cheese spread
  • box of pancake mix and bottle of syrup
  • pasta/tomato sauce
  • macaroni/spaghetti and Mr. Noodles and Kraft Dinner
  • canned fruit and canned vegetable
  • canned meat and canned fish (very popular)
  • bottle of instant coffee (very popular)
  • tea bags
  • packets of hot chocolate
  • canned milk or skim milk powder (very popular)
  • juice, bottles, or tetra packs
  • soups, any kind
  • boxes of cracker
  • snack foods; granola bars, pudding cups, cheese/crackers, cereal bars
  • personal hygiene items i.e., toothpaste, soap, Kleenex, toilet paper


CAMP ABBY:   Camp registration is up this year and they are in need of a few items. If you are cleaning out your cabinets, consider donating the following:

dinner plates, bowls of all shapes and sizes and casserole pans

They are also in need of cereal, juice and freezies. Items can be left in the church office of on a Sunday morning marked for Camp Abby, Thank you!










Permission to podcast/stream/reprint the music and or lyrics in this service obtained from

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Where Two or Three are Gathered

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The Lord’s Prayer

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Love is the Touch

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In Gratitude and Humble Trust

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Take, O Take Me as I Am

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Come, Let Us Sing

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