The 15th Sunday after Pentecost ​​​​​​      September 22, 2019    

All The People​​​​​​​​                                      Ministers

Rev. Bob Lockhart​​​​​​ ​                               Clergy

Rev. Cathy Pharo​​​​​​​                                  Minister of Visitation

Rev. David H. Hamilton                      Minister Emeritus”

Louise Elder                                           Director of Music

Gwyn Richards​​                                      Program Coordinator for Children and Youth  

Church Office​​​​​        902- 436-3155


Trinity United Church is an inclusive and welcoming community that nurtures love of God, respects creation, seeks justice and serves others.

(the service will proceed unannounced)

As we gather for worship we remember that in this region we live, work and worship on lands that are, by law, the unceded territories of the Wabanaki peoples-predominantly the lands of the Mi’kmaq, Maliseet and Passamaquoddy. May we live with respect of this land and live in peace with its people.

MUSICAL PRELUDE: How Great is Our God  Servant King

                                    “Let Us Draw Near  Contemporary Choir


SILENT PRAYER: Pour out your spirit of grace and love upon us, O God. Deliver us from a cold heart and help us focus our attention on the leading of your Holy Spirit. Amen

*INTROIT: Now Welcome In Words & music © A. Baer, 2016 arr. S. Porter

Now welcome in the faithful or lost, the seekers, strangers, and friends;

That all may find the Spirit within and share the peace God intends.

Then let our worship move and inspire a life of kindness and care.

May we support each other in faith; we offer this as our prayer.        

CALL TO WORSHIP: (based on Matthew 5:13-14)

One: We have been called the salt of the earth.

All:   Let us remain distinctive and salty.

One: We have been called the light of the world.

All:  Let us shine brightly in the midst of pain and confusion.

One: We have been called a city set on a hill.

All:  Let us lift our hearts and voice to praise God.

*HYMN: # 626 VU  “I Heard the Voice of Jesus”


Breath of God, breathe upon us and fill us with life anew so that we may love what you love and do what you would do. In you, O God, may we find rest when we are weary and life-giving water when we are thirsty. As we travel from the old to the new, keep us ever traveling along with you. In Jesus name we sing: Our Father in heaven…….Amen.

THE LORD’S PRAYER to be sung


RECOGNITION: The Ministry of Kathryn Yule as Our Church Treasurer


SCRIPTURE:  The Spark Bible  Luke 16:1-3  “Two Masters”

CHILDREN’S HYMN: #92 MV “Like a Rock”

Like rock, like a rock, God is under our feet.

Like the starry night sky, God is over our head.

Like the sun on the horizon God is ever before.

Like the river runs to ocean, our home is in God evermore.

SHARING TIME: The children are invited to gather on the steps for a time of sharing before departing for Sunday School classes downstairs.

MUSICAL SELECTION: Jesus Messiah” Contemporary Choir

SERMON: “A Puzzling Parable”

*HYMN:  #139 MV “True Faith Needs No Defence”



THE OFFERTORY: I Offer My Life Contemporary Choir


#543 VU We Give Thee But Thine Own

We give thee but thine own, what’er the gift may be;

All that we have is thine alone, a trust, O God, from thee.


CALL TO PRAYER: #21 MV Open Our Hearts

Open our hearts, open our minds.

Open our lives to you O Loving God.  Open our hearts.


*HYMN: #608 VU “Dear God, Who Loves All Humankind”


*BENEDICTION: #420 VU “Go to the World” vs 4

Go to the world! Go as the ones I send,

For I am with you ‘til the age shall end,

When all the hosts of glory cry “Amen!”

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!  

POSTLUDE: Make the Sounds of Praise by Robert J. Hughes (organ)

Welcome to our service of worship and thank you to our choirs for their gift of music this morning. If you are new or visiting our congregation we would be pleased if you would fill out the Welcome Sheet located on the Welcome Desk.

On screens today is Wendell Cameron and on sound is Brenda Fisher.  

At the entrances please find cards for you to write a Thank You and Best Wishes note to Rev. Lockhart.  Please leave the card in the boxes on the welcome table or in the auditorium this week and next.  

Sunday School Kick Off:  Join us today after the service, for hot dogs and sides provided by the Christian Life & Growth team.  There will be activities and games for the kids and information on this year’s Sunday School Curriculum.  

WELCOME REV. RACHEL CAMPBELL: Sunday, October 6, will be Rev. Rachel Campbell’s first Sunday at Trinity.  We would like to invite and encourage all members of the congregation to attend and help to welcome Rachel.  Please take a moment to share this news with our Trinity family and encourage them to attend.  


We are still in need of volunteers (teens and adults) for Sunday School.

For more information, please speak to Karen Cassie or Kim Andrews in the Sunday school office downstairs or email

We would like to have an option for Nursery Care during the service on Sunday mornings.  Ideally, we would like to have 2 volunteers each Sunday. We have a speaker in the Nursery, so you wont miss the service, and you will be able to minister to the youngest of our church members. To sign up, please see Gwyn. 

PEOPLE’S CEMETERY CLEAN UP: As a result of Hurricane Dorian there is considerable debris throughout the People’s Cemetery on MacEwen Road.  Help is needed to gather branches for pick up.  If you can spare some time to help please contact caretakers Ken Kenny at 902-439-9055 or Barry Mills at 902-954-0819.

TRINITY CONCERT SERIES: Today is The Grand-daddys of Rock-N-Roll!  This group with diverse vocals and harmonies have been playing rock & roll for over fifty years.  The members are proud to say their ages range from 68 and up.  Members include Jimi Platts, Heartz Godkin, Niall MacKay, Brian Knox, Gary Cudmore. Tickets are $12 at the door.

Phase II and Friends Concert has been rescheduled to Sunday, December 1st.  This will be a Christmas Show.  All tickets purchased for the September 8th concert will be honored.  

CONCERT SEASON PASS:  New this year!    Why not buy a season pass to the Trinity Concert Series?  For $60 you can attend any 8 concerts of your choice.  Season passes are available at the concerts and in the church office.  A great idea for a Christmas Gift as well.

(this does not include the Nathan Condon Memorial Concert for Suicide Prevention)  

NATHAN CONDON MEMORIAL CONCERT FOR SUICIDE PREVENTION ON FRIDAY OCTOBER 4TH AT TRINITY AT 7:00PM Performers include Fiddler Roy Johnstone, Marlys and Alexis MacLaren, Not All There and more.  100% of proceeds to Suicide Prevention.  Suggested donation of $15.00 per person.  

TRINITY COFFEE, TEA AND CHAT:..or should I say Chuckle?…We are back for year two. This group meets in the Parlour the last Wednesday morning of the month at 10am till about 11am with our first meeting being September 25…What is this group and what do we do? Well, it’s just a gathering of folks that like to be happy …want to share …and sometimes like surprises…We drink coffee, tea and water, have a snack, talk, chuckle or downright laugh …Sometimes we sing! There may be interviews…you never quite know what will happen or what you’ll learn This group started last Spring, so we are new and growing…we are open to suggestions and would love to have you join us.. September 25 we will “Welcome the Fall”…See you there.

DONATIONS NEEDED:  The following items are in need within the community should you have any to donate; Wing chairs, dressers, night stand or side tables. Please call the office if you have an item. Thank you.  

MARATHON BRIDGE:  You are invited to join the Trinity UCW Marathon Bridge Club in the Fall.  Come and enjoy a nice afternoon and meet new people.  For information please call Phyllis Baglole at 902-436-3788.

APARTMENT NEEDED:  We have a member of the congregation in need of a one or two-bedroom apartment in the Summerside Area.  If you know of a space please contact the office with details.  Thank you  

RECYCLING $$:  Thank You for your ongoing support for our Guatemalan sponsored children.  Recent donation through Don’s Bottle Exchange are $317.65 Please keep Trinity in mind when you turn in your recyclables.

3rd ANNUAL MYLES BIRCH MEMORIAL POSTAL WORKERS’ FOOD DRIVE IN SUPPORT OF THE SALVATION ARMY; Please lend your support by placing your donation of non-perishable food items VISIBLY OUTSIDE BY 9:00AM ON SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5.  Most needed items are kids lunch items (nut free), canned meats, med-large canned soup and stews, Kraft dinner, juices, canned beans & pasta, crackers, cookies, side kicks, cheez whiz, spaghetti sauce, canned milk.  

SCHEDULE FOR THE WEEK  September 22-29


9:00am​               Bible Study with Rev. Bob

10:30am ​            Worship Service  

11:45am​             Sunday School Kick Off BBQ

​​2:00pm​              Grand-Daddies of Rock-N-Roll Concert

​​7:00pm​              The Abbey meet in the Sanctuary


9:00am​              Music Therapy in the Parlour

​​6:00pm              Junior Youth group meet in the Auditorium


2:00pm.             Parkhill Place Service – Singers Please.

​​5:30pm​              JUDO in the Auditorium

​​7:30pm              Search Committee meet in the Boardroom

​​7:00pm​              Community Choir rehearsal in the Sunday school area


8:00am​              Men’s Breakfast at the Breakfast Spot

10:00am​            Trinity Coffee Tea Chat meet in the Parlour

​​5:45pm​              Handbell Choir rehearsal in the Sanctuary

​​6:00pm​              Community Maintenance Program in the Boardroom

​​7:00pm​              Senior Choir rehearsal in the Sanctuary

​​7:00pm​              Trustees meet in the Parlour (rescheduled)

​​8:30pm​              Contemporary Choir rehearsal in the Sanctuary


9:00am​              Music Therapy in the Boardroom

​​ 9:30am​             Trinity Café in the Parlour

12:00pm​            Music Therapy in the Parlour

​​ 5:00pm​             JUDO in the Auditorium

​​ 5:30pm​             Fandango Rehearsal in the Sanctuary

7:00pm​              Green Party meet in the Parlour


8:30am​              Bricks for Kids Day Camp in the Boardroom


8:00am ​             Feed My Sheep Community B’kfast in the Auditorium

​​ 9:30am ​            Trinity Art Group meet in the Sunday School area


9:00am​              Bible Study with Rev. Bob

10:30am​            Worship

11:45am​            Coffee & Conversation in the Auditorium

​​7:00pm​              The Abbey meet in the Sanctuary


Oct 01​  Seniors Luncheon in the auditorium at 11:30am

Oct 01​  Christian Life & Growth team meet in the Boardroom at 6pm

Oct 02​  Women of the Congregation B’fast at The B’fast Spot at 8:30am

Oct 02​  EPYDC Community Kitchen 9am-3pm

Oct 04​  Nathan Condon Memorial Concert for Suicide Prevention

Oct 06​  Welcome service for Rev. Rachel Campbell

Oct 08​  Faith In Action meet in the Boardroom at 4pm

Oct 08​  Worship Team meet in the Boardroom at 6:30pm

Oct 09​  EPYDC Community Kitchen 9am-3pm

Oct 11​  Bricks For Kids Day Camp in the Parlour 8:30-4:30pm

Oct 12​  Feed My Sheep Community Breakfast 8am-9:30am

Oct 14​  Thanksgiving, Business office closed.

WEEKLY GROUPS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS:  The fall is a busy time in the life of the church and we love to keep everyone informed.  We have many groups outside of Trinity that use our space so please be sure to update the office with meetings dates and time changes.  Should you wish to include an announcement regarding your event or meeting in the weekly bulletin, please be sure to submit it to the office by noon on Wednesday.  You can email Wendy at or call 902-436-3155.  Thank you!

TRINITY CONTRIBUTIONS  Sunday January 15, 2018

Attendance:    Congregation            126

Contributions: 60 Envelopes       $ 2,632.50

​​     Loose Givings     $     86.50

    ​​    97 PAR Givers   $ 8,020.00 monthly

JUNIOR YOUTH EMPOWERMENT GROUP: If you are age 6-15, join this group at Trinity on Mondays from 6-7:30pm for art, drama, music, community service projects and more.  For more information, contact Gwyn at  

MEN’S BREAKFAST: Trinity Men’s Breakfast group meets each Wednesday, morning at the Breakfast Spot at 8:00am.  Come and enjoy fellowship and breakfast.

TRINITY CAFÉ: Trinity Café is a weekly Bible study and conversation time on Thursdays from 9:30-11:30a.m. No expertise or prior Bible knowledge is required, just a willingness to be open and a desire to explore the scripture with Rev. Bob.  We welcome new participants at any time.  Readings for September 26 study are as follows: Jeremiah 32:1-3a, 6-15; Psalm 146; 1 Timothy 6:6-19; Luke 16:19-31

SUNDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY: Join Rev. Bob Lockhart each Sunday at 9:00am for an hour of Bible study and conversation. An in depth knowledge of the Bible is not needed. New members are welcome at any time.    

DONATIONS:  The Sunday School continues to collect items of food, clothing and personal hygiene.  Items needed at this time are: cereal, spreads coffee, jam/peanut butter, snack foods, canned vegetables, evaporated milk, canned fish and canned meats. Cash Donations are appreciated as well. Collection day is the first day of the month.

REFUNDABLES/RECYCLABLES PLEASE NOTE:  Please return your recyclables directly to Don’s Bottle Exchange and mention the money goes to Trinity United Church.  Please do not bring your bottles to the church.  Thank You for your continued support of our Guatemalan sponsor children.  

HELP US TO MINISTER: It is most helpful when members of the congregation let us know of those who are in hospital or ill at home.  Should you or a family member be in hospital, please be sure to indicate you are associated with Trinity United Church Summerside, so our ministers will be sure to be informed when they visit the hospital. You can contact Rev. Bob Lockhart at 902-856-2668 or by email at

BUSINESS OFFICE HOURS:  The business office is open Monday to Friday from 8:30am-3:30pm. You can contact Wendy at 902-436-3155 or email at