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 Our ministry continues, please see the bulletin for further information.  Thank you.

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December 11, advent 3 bulletin

TRINITY UNITED CHURCH                                               SUMMERSIDE, PEI

Advent 3 Joy Communion & Transfer of Membership                    December 11, 2022

Rev. Rachel Campbell M.Div.,M.A.                                   Clergy       

Rev. Bob Lockhart B.A., B.D., M.A.(Ed). Th.M.              Minister of Visitation

Rev. David H. Hamilton                                                                “Minister Emeritus”                                                       

Louise Elder                                                                              Director of Music                                                                                                         

Hannah Collicutt      Engagement & Communications Coordinator

Church Office; Wendy Murray                                                   902- 436-3155

Church Email                                                                      



We acknowledge that the land upon which we gather is unceded Mi’kmaq territory. Epekwitk (Prince Edward Island) is covered by the historic Treaties of Peace and Friendship. We pay our respects to the Indigenous Mi’kmaq People who have occupied this Island for over 12,000 years; past, present and future.

 * denotes standing

MUSICAL PRELUDE: Calm as the Night, Pastorale, Carol”



LIGHTING THE CANDLE OF JOY During the singing the candle of Joy is lit

*INTROIT: #7 VU “Hope is a Star” verse 3

Joy is a song that welcomes the dawn

Telling the world that the Saviour is born.

When God is a child there’s joy in our song.

The last shall be first and the weak shall be strong.

And none shall be afraid.

*CALL TO WORSHIP: Psalm 72:18-19 NRSV

One:  Blessed be the LORD, the God of Israel,

All:  Who alone does wondrous things.

One: Blessed be his glorious name forever;

All:  May his glory fill the whole earth. Amen and Amen

*HYMN: #190 MV Laughter Lit the Stars of Morning vs 1,3a,3b”  

GATHERING PRAYER: Voices United #11 – An Advent Prayer

God of all wisdom, our hearts yearn for the warmth of your love, and our minds search for the light of your Word.  Increase our longing for Christ our Saviour, and strengthen us to grow in love, that at the dawn of his coming we may rejoice in his presence and welcome the light of his truth.  This we ask in the name of Jesus.  Amen.


A TIME FOR ALL AGES: Spark Bible Reading “John The Baptist”

Matthew 11:2-11 Page 234 – Read by Lacey

John was an unusual man.  He lad lots of hair and a long beard.  His clothes looked like his face- they too, were furry and hairy! His clothes were made of camel’s hair, held together with a leather belt!  John ate strange foods, including wild honey and locusts, a kind of grasshopper. YUCK!

God gave John an important job.  His job was to tell people that Jesus was coming and help them get ready to believe what Jesus would teach them.  John knew the things Jesus would tell people were the most important things in the world.

When he taught people, John stood by the river and yelled out, “Hey! All of you! Tell God you’re sorry for your sins!  Turn your life around and act in ways that are good and honest!”

He is the Messiah!  He will save us all!”  Day after day, John continued teaching, preaching, and crying out so people would listen.

Many people came to hear what John had to say about Jesus. There were rich and poor people, honest and dishonest people, nice and not-so-nice people.

Some people listened to John. Some people didn’t. Some people said, “That man must be a messenger from God!” Some said, “His is really odd!  I’m getting out of here!”

Many people believed the message John told.  Those people said, “I am sorry for my sins.  I want God to forgive me!” To each, John said, “God does forgive you!” He baptized those people in the river.  The people started calling him John the Baptist.  John the Baptist had done a good job.  The people were ready to hear the message Jesus would bring!

CHILDREN’S HYMN: #10 VU “Prepare the Way of the Lord”

Prepare the way of the Lord!

Prepare the way of the Lord!

Make a straight path for him,

Make a straight path.

Prepare the way of the Lord!


HYMN: #157 MV  “I Am a Child of God”

I am a child of God,

I am a glimpse of God’s new creation. I am a child of God,

I am a child of God.


I am an endless prayer,

I am a yearning for contemplation, I am an endless prayer,

I am an endless prayer.


I am an angry voice,

I am compassion and consternation, I am an angry voice,

I am an angry voice.


I am a cry for peace,

I am commitment and dedication, I am a cry for peace,

I am a cry for peace.


I am a song of joy,

I am the moment of jubilation, I am a song of joy,

I am a song of joy

REFLECTION: “The Path” Rev. Rachel 


*HYMN: #21 MV “Open Our Hearts”

Open our hearts

Open our minds

Open our lives to you

O loving God



Open our hearts

Open our minds

Open our lives to you

O loving God

Open our hearts.


A NEW CREED: #918 VU spoken together

We are not alone, we live in God’s world.

We believe in God:

who has created and is creating,

who has come in Jesus, the Word made flesh,

to reconcile and make new, who works in us and others

by the Spirit.

We trust in God.

We are called to be the Church:

to celebrate God’s presence,

to live with respect in Creation,

to love and serve others, to seek justice and resist evil,

to proclaim Jesus, crucified and risen,

our judge and our hope.

In life, in death, in life beyond death,

God is with us. We are not alone. Thanks be to God


(Communion Liturgy by Worship Team at Trinity)

*COMMUNION HYMN:  #477 VU “I Come with Joy” vs 1-2-3

I come with joy a child of God, forgiven, loved, and free;

the life of Jesus to recall,  in love laid down for me.


I come with Christians far and near to find, as all are fed,

the new community of love in Christ’s communion bread.


As Christ breaks bread and bids us share, each proud division ends;

the love that made us, makes us one, and strangers now are friends.



One: God be with you.

All: And also with you.

One: Let us lift up our hearts.

All: We lift them up to God.

One: We come giving thanks to the Lord our God.

All: It is right to offer our thanks and praise to God.

One:….Jesus found victory over death so that we would be with him and we could be as one.  We join our voices in great praise singing:

O Holy, holy, holy God, O God of time and space.

All earth and sea and sky above bear witness to your grace.

Hosanna in the highest heav’n, creation sings your praise.

And blessed in the One who comes and bears your name always.

One:….Together as a faith family, we lift our hearts and our voices as we proclaim the mystery of faith:

Sing Christ has died and Christ is risen, Christ will come again.

Sing Christ has died and Christ is risen, Christ will come again

One:….Through, with, and in Christ, through the unity of the Holy Spirit all glory is yours loving Creator now and forever. Amen.

THE LORD’S PRAYER: Spoken together

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name;

thy kingdom come; thy will be done; on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory,

for ever and ever. Amen.


One: The bread of life

All:   Communion in the body of Christ

One: The cup of blessing

All:   Communion in the blood of Christ

One: The gifts of God for the people of God.

All:   Thanks be to God.

*HYMN: #466 VU “Eat This Bread”

Eat this bread, drink this cup

Come to me and never be hungry

Eat this bread, drink this cup

Trust in me and you will not thirst.



As we leave this place we remember your actions and your words.  Transform us and give us that little push we require to love one another, to help each other, and to share the good news!  May our acts of Christian love extend beyond this Easter season and into our lives all throughout the year. As we celebrate your creation, may we feel your presence beside us like footprints in the sand.  Amen.

*COMMUNION HYMN: #477 MV “I Come with Joy” vs4-5

The Spirit of the risen Christ, unseen, but ever near,

is in such friendship better known, alive among us here.


Together met, together bound by all that God has done,

we’ll go with joy, to give the world the love that makes us one.

PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE:  Rev. Rachel Campbell

*HYMN: #29 VU “Hark the Glad Sound” vs 1-2-3

Hark, the glad sound! The Saviour comes,

the Saviour promised long;

let every heart prepare a throne

and every voice a song.


He comes the prisoners to release,

in Satan’s bondage held;

the gates of brass before him burst,

the iron fetters yield.


He comes the broken heart to bind,

the bleeding soul to cure,

and with the treasures of his grace,

to bless the humble poor.

Our glad hosannas, Prince of Peace,

your welcome shall proclaim,

and heaven’s eternal arches ring,

with your beloved name.


*POSTLUDE HYMN: #29 VU “Hark the Glad Sound” vs 4

Our glad hosannas, Prince of Peace,

your welcome shall proclaim,

and heaven’s eternal arches ring,

with your beloved name.

MUSICAL POSTLUDE: “Festival of Praise”

Welcome and thank you to all present and participating and to those watching and listening.  Thank you to our Trinity Choir for leading us in this morning’s worship.

Today’s service is available on YouTube. The YouTube link for the Worship Service will be up on the Trinity webpage at 10:30 a.m. Sunday.  The Trinity website is

GRIEF SUPPORT GROUP, TODAY FROM 2-3PM With Rev. Bob Lockhart. This gathering is for those who have suffered the loss of a loved one. The purpose of the gathering is to remember and to light a candle in remembrance of a loved one. It is time to share our experience and be a mutual to one another in this time of loss.



Thank you to our Staff—Merry Christmas

Although the church has come through the years of covid, we are still in an “unfamiliar season.”  Covid has required a shift in mindset and the way we “do church.”  In the season of Advent and our journey to Christmas, it is a time to reflect on how we can help further the ministry here at Trinity.  One is to pray for our staff, to volunteer and to engage in generosity.  We are called to serve, build up and be physically present once more.


One piece of scripture that relates to Trinity over past months is Isaiah 43:19:  “See, I am doing a new thing!  Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?  I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”  It was critical to invest in technology, to bring church to homes, to devise new ways of communicating, to try new things.  Although it may have looked like our church was less busy during lockdown, it was quite the opposite.  Our staff worked diligently to care for people in our congregation and in the community.


To all who keep the church in good repair, to those who sit on the various committees, to all who make music, usher, clean, assist with office duties, work with visual and audio equipment…thanks to you and the good work we do together, we have assisted our staff in allowing Trinity to keep operating as an “essential service.”


Our Christmas greeting to staff is more than an afterthought tacked into the bulletin.   To Rev. Rachel Campbell, Rev. Bob Lockhart, Louise Elder, Wendy Murray, Troy Beck, Kevin Barbour, and Hannah Collicutt, the Ministry and Personnel Team, on behalf of the congregation, extends a sincere thank you for all you have done to foster a family dynamic here at Trinity.  Your dedication and expertise is appreciated.  We wish you a very Merry Christmas, a restful and regenerative time over the holidays, and many blessings in the new year.

JUNIOR CHURCH: Our session is called “To the Stable Session”

December 11, 18  For Ages 3 to 12

Come with your Adult to the sanctuary at 10:30 a.m. and then after the children’s hymn we will move the auditorium. Participants can be picked up directly after church. Children are invited to bring in an offering of a non-perishable food item each week that will go towards the Food Box Program.

**Note: A full schedule will be posted on the website  under the “Children & Youth” tab that will look at remaining sessions of 2022.

Schedule For The Week December 11-18

Sunday          10:30am In person worship/live stream Advent Joy Communion

10:45am Junior Church in the Auditorium

11:30am Christmas Tea following worship

2:00pm Grief Support Group meet in the Parlour

7:00pm The Abbey meet in the Sanctuary

Monday   9:00am Notre Dame Place kitchen rental

Tuesday   9:00am   Notre Dame Place kitchen rental

11:30am UCW Ladies & Friends meet at the Silver Fox

7:00pm Community Choir Rehearsal in the Sanctuary

Wednesday   8:00am Men’s Breakfast meet at Star Café

8:15am Ladies of the Church & Friends meet at Star Café

9:00am   Notre Dame Place kitchen rental

5:00pm Notre Dame Place Christmas Dinner in the Auditorium

6:00pm Property Team meet in the Boardroom

6:45pm Cantata Choir & Trinity Choir Rehearsal

Thursday 10:00am Trinity Café meet in the Sanctuary

1:00pm Novice Driving classroom session in the Auditorium

Friday 10:00am Zooming the Lectionary with Rev. Rachel

1:00pm Novice Driving Classroom session in the Auditorium

Saturday   9:00am The Real Us Group Flea Market in the Auditorium

9:30am Trinity Art Group meet in the Boardroom

10:00am    Cantata Rehearsal in the Sanctuary until 11:30am

10:30am Food Box Blitz

Sunday          10:30am In person worship/live stream Advent 4 Peace Cantata

10:45am Junior Church in the Auditorium

2:00pm Community Choir Christmas Concert in the Sanctuary

7:00pm The Abbey meet in the Sanctuary


Dec 20 Blue Christmas Service in the Sanctuary at 6:30pm

Dec 22 Parkhill Place Service at 1:30pm

Dec 24 Christmas Eve Service at 12 noon

Dec 24 Christmas Eve Service at 6:30pm

 TRANSFER OF MEMBERSHIP:  If you are interested in transferring your membership to Trinity Summerside please contact the office at 902-436-3155 and Wendy our Office Administrator will aid you in the process.

CHRISTMAS SOCKS FOR FEED MY SHEEP: It is that time of year again! We are having Christmas Breakfast on December 24th. For some of our guests these are the only Christmas presents they will receive. You have always been very generous and I know you will help us out again. As a reminder we take a pair of socks, roll up one and put it in the toe of the other then we proceed to fill it. Some of the items we use are:

Toiletries, wrapped candy, hand warmers, face cloths, combs, playing cards, puzzle books, pens, small Christmas ornaments, Christmas pins for women.

Ask yourself, what would You like to find in a Christmas sock?

We also wrap larger items such as boxed cookies, candies, puzzles, warm hats, mitts, children’s items, teen items etc. etc. We will have a better idea over the next few weeks how many socks are needed. We do up socks for women, men, teens and children.

Please have these gifts or cash donations in as soon as possible. Should you have extra Christmas wrapping paper, tissue paper or bows and ribbons please consider donating some!    Thank you from the Trinity Feed my Sheep Breakfast Program Gang

YEAR END CONTRIBUTIONS:  All contributions to be credited for the 2022 tax year must be received into the church office by 12:00noon on Friday, December 30th.  Donations received after this time will be included in your 2023 contributions.    The business office will be open from 9:30amto 1:30pm on December 29 and 30th.  Please do not leave cash donations in the outside mailbox. Your donations are greatly appreciated.


At Trinity United we are most thankful for your contributions to the life and work of our Church. There are several ways to give, please call the office for more information on any of the following.

PAR- Pre-Authorized Remittance

Post Dated Cheques

On Our Website at Trinity

E Transfer to

Cash  Please call 902-436-3155 for assistance


Worship With Us!

ADVENT 3 JOY Sunday December 11th at 10:30am    

HOLY COMMUNION: Plan to share in the sacrament of Holy Communion this Advent Season. Bring bread/juice or use the disposable ones provided.

ADVENT 4 LOVE Sunday December 18th at 10:30am

Trinity Choir Cantata “Underneath Cathedral Skies”

BLUE CHRISTMAS SERVICE, Tuesday December 20th at 6:30pm

Advent and Christmas can be a time when we struggle.  It could be the loss of a loved one.  It could be loneliness.  It could be a combination of many things we are struggling with.  Rev. Rachel Campbell invites you to a service known as a “Blue Christmas Service”.  Let us surround each other with support.  Let us surround each other with grace.  Let us make space for our vulnerability.  Let us make space for the Holy.

CHRISTMAS EVE, Saturday December 24th 

12:00pm  Carols and Readings  Share in the scriptures and music as we revisit the night of our Savior’s birth. This service will be livestreamed and uploaded to our website and Facebook

6:30pm     Evening Service Enjoy the tranquility of the service and a chance to ponder the miracle of this night as we look forward with renewed hope for peace, health, and joy for all in our world.

UPDATE ON HOSPITAL VISITATION: Due to ongoing Covid Restrictions at PEI Hospital facilities clergy are only allowed to visit the hospital IF CALLED in by hospital staff, a family member on behalf of a patient, or the patient themselves. Clergy are now allowed to visit multiple patients when called in following the hospital protocols. Rev. Rachel’s emergency line is 902-439-1881.

PASTORAL CARE HOME VISITS UPDATE:  If you would like a home visit please contact the church office at 902-436-3155.  Note that Clergy will remain masked throughout the visit and follow hand sanitizing protocols.  We ask you not to book a home visit if you are unwell.


To contact Rev. Rachel Campbell, Co-ordinating Minister, call 902-436-3155 and leave a message during business hours and for after hours’ emergencies call 902-439-1881.

You may also email:

Rev. Rachel’s is off on Mondays and Tuesdays. Thank you for your consideration of this.

To contact Rev. Bob Lockhart, Minister of Visitation, call 902-436-3155 and leave a message during business hours or email

To contact Hannah Collicutt, Engagement and Communications Coordinator, call 902-436-3155 and leave a message or email

To reach Wendy Murray, Office Administrator or the business office call 902-436-3155 or email    The business office is open Monday-Friday 8:30am-3:30pm

To contact our Music Director, Louise Elder, please email:

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Hark the Glad Sound