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Music at Trinity United Church

Trinity United Church has a vibrant music ministry and the folks at Trinity worship joyously through music of many genres.  We love the traditional hymns and we love the contemporary songs and hymns that are being written here and now.  All the music is raised up to God in His praise and honour.

Yes, we are singing our songs of worship and praise. It just looks a bit different these days especially at church. However, I encourage you to sing in the rain, sing in your shower, sing in your car and sing those songs of praise and joy in your head anytime. They will bring you delight and are always a great way to pray as the words of our hymns are indeed prayers.

In our in-church services, we are sharing song through the voices of our wonderful song leaders! These folks have been great to lend their talent and time to sing our worship songs and often, to record those songs several days prior to have them ready for the virtual service. What a wonderful gift these folks have and what an amazing contribution in ministry they make to our services! Thank you to all of you who are providing this ministry.

The handbell choir is preparing for Christmas and you will be able to hear them play in services in Advent. Isn’t that great! With all safety protocols in place – masks, gloves, distance, disinfectant wipes…. we will be ringing in the season!

The senior choir is going to be rehearsing, in masks, of course and will join their voices for the first time since March as we venture into the world of masked singing with safety distances between us. You will not see them in the choir loft, however, as that is not feasible. We want to sing together so will only do so in a rehearsal setting and then record our efforts for Advent services – that is the plan!!! Plans can change so we will see how it all plays out. With God guiding us, we will find a way to sing!

If you feel comfortable and would like to sing with the Senior choir, we rehearse on Wednesday from 7:15-8:15. Please email me to register to come – or phone the church office and Wendy will forward your message to me. I will then get back to let you know the “rules and regulations” that we have in place in our operational plan.

The Covid world of singing is different but we can always sing in our hearts a nd God will hear us!!! We are never alone – He is always listening! What a blessing!

Trinity United Church runs an active music ministry as you can read below.  As we work and live within Covid restrictions, things are not the same as normal so what is written below is not currently running as it appears, but we hope that we will be again someday soon!!  We will keep you posted!

Contemporary Choir

A small ensemble of singers and guitar playing singers and drummers who love to lead the congregation. The repertoire is contemporary songs and hymns from writers all around the world.  This group sings every two weeks generally and we practice on Wednesday evening from 8:30-9:30pm from September to early June.  If you like to sing, and like to learn new songs, why not consider joining us!

Handbell Choir

We need ringers!  Bell ringers that is!  What fun we have chiming in to make music.  Each bell ringer is a very important part of the overall sound and if one is absent, the music just is not right so we need lots of ringers to be ready.  We practice on Wednesdays from 5:45-6:45pm from September to early June.  This could be the group for you; we are all learning as we go and ringing bells is a great way to become part of the music ministry at Trinity.

Senior Choir

A strong singing ensemble of SATB voices who sing frequently in service. Their repertoire is varied with very traditional anthems, more contemporary songs, acapella anthems, and choruses.  We are 22 voices strong and our ranks swell for special events such as for Christmas cantata or special concerts.  All are welcome to join us – rehearsal is Wednesday from 7:00-8:30 from September to early June.  No previous experience needed – just a joy of singing to the Lord.

Youth Band

This group is led by Jill Power and they lead our music in worship once a month.  Youth band rehearses after church service in the sanctuary and all youth are invited to this group. If you play guitar, bass guitar, flute, piano or any instrument, your gift would be wonderful as part of the youth band.

Junior Choir

A children’s choir!  We would love to have a group of children to sing during worship!  Kids from the age of 6 – 12 are welcome.  We will be organizing a group this fall(2017) with rehearsal plans to follow.  Parents, we need your support, to make this happen and bring your children to rehearsals and to services.  What a wonderful way for kids to learn about the Bible and about their faith.

For More Info on Music Opportunities Contact:

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Music Director



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Trinity offers a wide variety of programs, learning groups, and service opportunities for all ages. Please browse our pages and see where you might fit in! For more information or to volunteer please contact:

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