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Unified Board

Trinity is governed by a lay council and elders. The unified board executive is:


Chair: Garth Waite

Unified Board Secretary/Presbytery Representative: Elaine Burrows

Charge Secretary: Wendy Murray

Worship: Steve Mollins

Property & Finance: John Woodworth

Treasurer and Chair of Finance: Kathryn Yule

Property Chair: Ralph Yeo

United Church Women (UCW): Elaine Harding

Communication and Discipleship: Wendy Waite-Snow

Ministry & Personnel: Sandra Batten

Trustees: Graham Peck

Christian Development: Sara Crowther

Ex Officio members: Rev.  Dr. Andrew Richardson


Louis Andrews  Effie Arsenault  Sandra Batten
Vance Bridges  Elaine Burrows  Lisa Campbell
Ross Campbell  Carmen Colwill  Ralph Yeo
Sara Crowther  Catherine Dickson Traci Harbord
Sean Lough  Heidi MacDonald  Beth MacEwen
Bill Martin  Steve Mollins  Milo Murray
Trevor Neill  Graham Peck  Andrew Richardson
Carson Ricketts  Garth Waite  Duncan McKillop
Kathryn Yule 

Sunday worship services are now available as audio podcasts here on our Website. Just click on the Podcast menu at the top of this page to listen to your favourite Sunday Worship services.

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