MEN’S BREAKFAST:  Trinity Men’s Breakfast group meets each Wednesday, morning at the Loyalist Inn at 8:00am.  Come and enjoy fellowship and breakfast.

TRINITY CAFÉ: Trinity Café is a weekly bible study and conversation time on Thursdays from 9:30-11:30a.m. No expertise or prior bible knowledge is required, just a willingness to be open and a desire to explore the scripture with Rev. Andrew.  We welcome new participants at any time.  Come and have a cup of coffee and tea and some good conversation.         

SUNDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY:  Join Rev. Andrew each Sunday at 9:00am for an entertaining and enlightening hour of bible study.  An in depth knowledge of the bible is not needed, come and join the discussion. We welcome new members to our group at any time.

DONATIONS:  The Sunday School continues to collect items of food, clothing and personal hygiene.  Items needed at this time are: cereal, spreads coffee, jam/peanut butter, snack foods, canned vegetables, evaporated milk, canned fish and canned meats. Cash Donations are appreciated as well. Collection day is the first day of the month.

REFUNDABLES/RECYCLABLES PLEASE NOTE:  Please return your recyclables directly to Don’s Bottle Exchange and mention the money goes to Trinity United Church.  Please do not bring your bottles to the church.  Thank You for your continued support of our Guatemalan sponsor children. 

HELP US TO MINISTER:  It is most helpful when members of the congregation let us know of those who are in hospital or ill at home.  Please phone Rev. Andrew at 439-0304.

PROGRAM COORDINATOR FOR CHILDREN AND YOUTH:   To contact our Coordinator, Gwyn Richards please email     To contact our Sunday School Superintendent’s please email

2018 CHURCH ENVELOPES:  are available at the back of the sanctuary for pick up.  Please take a moment to get yours and remind friends and family to do the same.

TRINITY UNITED CHURCH                                                                                                     SUMMERSIDE, PEI   Epiphany 3                                                                                                                                                       January 21, 2018

All The People                                                                                                                                                      Ministers

Rev. Dr. Andrew Richardson                                                                                                                                 Clergy

Rev. David H. Hamilton                                                               “Minister Emeritus” and Minister of Visitation

Louise Elder                                                                                                                                Director of Music

Gwyn Richards                                                                                Program Coordinator for Children and Youth 

Church Office                                                                                                                                               902- 436-3155

Church Email                                                                                                            


“As a Christ-centered faith community empowered by God’s spirit, we strive to nurture love

of God and neighbour through worship, teaching, fellowship and service”


(the service will proceed unannounced)

As we gather for worship we remember that in this region we live, work and worship on lands that are, by law, the unceded territories of the Wabanaki peoples-predominantly the lands of the Mi’kmaq, Maliseet and Passamaquoddy. May we live with respect of this land and live in peace with its people.

“Darest thou now O soul, Walk out with me toward the unknown region,

Where neither ground is for the feet nor any path to follow?”

Walt Whitman 1819-1892

MUSICAL PRELUDE: Cry of My Heart” Contemporary Choir




*INTROIT: on screens“Be Still”    Contemporary Choir & Congregation




Leader:  The Word of the Lord came,

People:  Hope for all people cradled in his arms.

Leader:  The Word of the Lord comes,

People:  Calling us out of our comfort zones,

Leader:  To go where grace is needed most.

People: The Word of the Lord will come,

Leader:  Gathering all the outsiders and insiders into one community of the kingdom

People: The spirit of God be with you

Leader:  And also with you

*HYMN: #639VU “One More Step Along the World I Go”


PRAYER: in unison

Creator of all, we come to You knowing that there are many distractions in our lives and in our world that draw us away from You, but we desire to know You more fully, more deeply. Guide us into ways of living that deepen our spirits, that draw us closer, and that move us to work for justice and peace. Help us to quiet our minds from the worries we carry and lift up our hearts when the world gets us down. Guide us back to the rhythm of life with You when the fast pace of the world throws us off. In the name of Christ, our companion on this journey of faith, and who gave us words to pray, Our father who art in heaven….


SCRIPTURE:  Jonah 1-4 Spark Story Bible Reading

CHILDREN’S HYMN: #79 VU “Arise, Your Light Is Come” vs 1

Children are invited to come forward during the singing of the hymn.

SHARING TIME:  The children are invited to gather on the steps for a time of sharing before departing for Sunday School singing the Children’s hymn.

SCRIPTURE: Mark 1:14-20

MUSICAL SELECTION: Jesus Saw Them Fishing” Contemporary Choir

SERMON:  “Rise Up: Move”

*HYMN: #567 VU “Will You Come and Follow Me”  


                             RESPONDING TO GOD’S WORD


THE OFFERTORY: “10 000 Reasons” Contemporary Choir

*DEDICATION OF OFFERING: #538 VU “For the Gift of Creation”

For the gift of creation, the gift of your love,

And the gift of the Spirit by which we live,

We thank you and give you the fruit of our hands.

May your grace be proclaimed by the gifts that we give.


CALL TO PRAYER:  “Listen, God Is Calling”

Listen, God is calling, through the Word inviting,

Offering forgiveness, comfort and joy.


*HYMN: #633 VU “Bless Now, O God the Journey”  


*CHORAL AMEN: “Go Now in Peace, Guided by the Light”

Go now in peace, guided by the light of Christ,

So you may be nourished by the Word of Life.

*POSTLUDE: “Echo”  Lousie Elder, organ

Welcome to our service of worship. Thank you to our Contemporary and Senior Choir for their gift of music.  If you are new or visiting our congregation we would be pleased if you would fill out the Welcome Sheet located on the Welcome Desk.


WOODEN CHAIRS:  There are a number of brown wooden chairs available to anyone who may be interested. They may require some sanding, glue or fresh paint but would be great for a cottage or your front deck.  Contact the office if interested.








9:00am       Bible Study with Rev. Andrew

10:30am       Worship

11:45am       Coffee and Conversation in the Auditorium

2:00pm       Concert with Janet McGarry and Serge Bernard

7:00pm       The Abbey in the Sanctuary


6:00pm       CGIT & Explorers meet in the Auditorium

7:00pm       Continuing the Dialogue, Young Adults, Dooly’s


5:30pm       Judo in the Auditorium

7:00pm       Community Choir rehearsal in the Sunday school


8:00am       Men’s Breakfast Group meet at the Loyalist

4:45pm       Youth Choir meet in the Sanctuary

5:45pm       Handbell Choir rehearsal in the Sanctuary

7:00pm       Trustees meet in the Boardroom

7:00pm       Senior Choir rehearsal in the Sanctuary

8:15pm       Contemporary Choir rehearsal in the Sanctuary


9:30am       Trinity Café meet in the Parlour

5:00pm       JUDO in the Auditorium


8:30am       Feed My Sheep Breakfast in the Auditorium

9:30am       TAG meet in the Boardroom


9:00am       Bible study with Rev. Andrew

10:30am        Worship

11:45am        Coffee and Conversation

11:45am        Continuing the Diaglogue, New to Trinity, Parlour

7:00pm        The Abbey meet in the Sanctuary


ANNUAL REPORT:  It’s the time of year when we remember and document the life and work of Trinity United Church for the previous year.  All chairs of committees, Boards, groups and staff are asked to prepare a report for inclusion in the 2017 Annual Report.  Please have reports to Wendy Murray by February 1st.  Deliver to the office or email Wendy at    Your timely attention is appreciated. 


Jan 29         Unified Board meet in the New Parlour at 7pm

Jan 30         UCW General Annual mtg in the Parlour at 1:30pm

Feb 04         Continuing the Diaglogue, Full Congregation, after worship

Feb 05         Messy Church meet for dinner and sledding at 5:30pm

Feb 06         CD Committee meet in the Parlour at 7pm

Feb 07         Coffee & Conversation, Auditorium, 10-noon

Feb 08         Clark Unit meet in the Auditorium at 10am

Feb 10         Feed My Sheep Breakfast from 8:30-10am

Feb 11         Congregational Event following worship 11:45am-3pm

Feb 12         Faith In Action meet in the Boardroom at 7pm


Sunday January 14, 2018

Attendance:           Congregation             153

Sunday School             39 (26 children, 13 adults)

Contributions:       46 Envelopes         $ 1,401.75

Loose Givings       $    146.00

111 PAR Givers    $ 8537.00 monthly

HERE’S YOUR CHANCE!!!! CALLING ALL POTENTIAL TRINITY CHOIR MEMBERS!  Its a brand new year of music, so all of you at Trinity, who have always wanted to sing in the senior choir or contemporary choir or who might want to learn to ring a handbell should be thinking about coming out to rehearsals on Wednesday nights!  We are looking for all singers but would love some more tenors, altos and basses.   Many of you have the gift of song – please think about sharing it with us!  Ask Louise for details or just come to rehearsal and check us out!!  We really are quite friendly.

Kids’ and Youth Chorus – come out and sing for service and be part of the leadership in worship!  Kids from grade 5 -9 are invited to join us on Wednesday, January 24th, 31st and February 7th from 4:45- 5:15 to rehearse and plan to sing on Sunday, February 11th.  Parents mark these dates down too as your help and support is a huge part of this endeavour


Please join us for these informal conversations:

  • Young adults (Busy family and working years). Join us at Dooly’s for pool, snacks and conversation.  Monday January 22.  7:00-9:00 pm
  • New to our congregation within the past year. Join us Sunday January 28 in the Parlor after service for refreshments and conversation.  11:45-12:30.
  • Full Congregation. Join us on Sunday February 4 in the Hall after service (11:45-12:30) to hear the final feedback on the Mission and Values and to finalize this step in the process.
  • Congregational Event with Rev. Russ Daye. Plan to participate in our capstone event in our Future Church Project on Sunday February 11 from 11:45 to 3:00 pm in the Hall.  At this event, we will articulate our guiding Vision as a church and identify our major priorities for the coming 3-5 years.  There will be a light lunch and child care will be available.


MESSY CHURCH: Please note, our January Messy Church has been moved to the first Monday in February. Monday, February 5th at 5:30pm.  Come and join us for FOOD, FELLOWSHIP & FUN! Gluten Free meal will also be available.  Bring your sled (hopefully we will have snow).

COFFEE AND CONVERSATION: Faith in Action is starting a drop in coffee time every other week on Wednesday mornings form 10:00 am to noon starting on February 7. Drop into the our gymnasium for a coffee and sweet at no charge. We are calling this “Coffee and Conversation”. We hope to see you and your friends from the community – they are invited as well.


“Trinity Winter Concert Series”

A Winter concert celeidh series will kick off at Trinity United Church Summerside, on Sunday, January 21, 2018 at 2:00 pm. The concerts will be held on the third Sunday afternoon of each month from January to May. In the event of a storm, the concert will be held the following Sunday at the same time.

January 21st concert will feature Janet McGarry and Serge Bernard who have performed for many years at bluegrass festivals and many other events throughout Eastern Canada and beyond. Their unique vocals make them crowd favorites wherever they appear. Janet is a 5-time Award winner of the “Female Vocalist of the Year”, earning her a “Masters” at the Eastern Canadian Bluegrass Music Awards, and she is also a proud “Daughter of Bluegrass”, a group of International leading women in Bluegrass. Janet released her 12th CD in the summer of 2017, called “Forever is the Love”.

Janet is joined by the members of Wildwood which features her husband Serge Bernard on guitar, banjo, mandolin and harmony vocals, Dylan Ferguson on guitar and vocals, Denise MacLeod of fiddle and vocals, and Gail Mullen on upright bass and vocals. Just this past October, they picked up the Award for Gospel Performance of the Year at the Eastern Canadian Bluegrass Awards.

Each of these musicians is incredibly talented, with regular appearances at many of the concert halls and festivals around the Maritimes. To keep up with Janet’s schedule, visit her website at

The February 18th concert will feature Eddy Quinn and Fiddlers Sons. March 18th will feature Blu Gillis, comedy act of “Sara & Annie” by Wanda Dunbar and Ruth Smallman, Not All There Band and others to be announced at a later date. April 15, Bluestreak will perform and on May 20 we will feature Roy McCaull, Marcella Richard and Larry Campbell.

Tickets for today’s concert are $12.00 at the door.